Future Annual Meetings


2018: 14-18 July

37th Annual Meeting  

University of Maryland, College Park

Local Host: Dr. Anne Simon


2019: 20-24 July 

38th Annual Meeting 

University of Minnesota

Local Hosts: Dr. Reuben Harris, Dr. Louis Mansky


2020: 13-17 JUNE 

39th Annual Meeting 

Colorado State University, Fort Collins 

Local Host: Dr. Jeff Wilusz


2021: 17- 21 July

40th Annual Meeting 

McGill University, Montreal

Local Host: Dr. Jose Teodoro, Dr. Selena Sagan



41st Annual Meeting 

University of Wisconsin, Madison; Monona Terrace Convention Center

Local Host: Dr. Kristen Bernard


2023: 24 - 28 June

42nd Annual Meeting 

University of Georgia, The Classic Center

Local Host: Dr. S. Mark Tompkins